Counting On Product Value

Since 1985, companies developing critical new products or services have relied on the Design Consortium's Product Value Matrixsm, or PVMsm Process.

PVM is a structured new product development process that creates breakthrough next generation products. PVM can also be used to accurately predict market performance.

The Design Consortium can help you develop proprietary knowledge about product values and then help your company transform this knowledge into exclusive new products.

We don't believe in just providing a book or seminar and then becoming scarce when the real work begins. PVM Training begins on the job when we work with your staff to tackle a real project. We stay involved to help solve problems and insure your project lives up to all of our expectations.
Depending on your needs, we can provide a complete project team to carry development through to prototypes and production parts, without the need for you to divert a major part of your current resources or hire additional staff.

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