PVM's Objectives and Benefits

PVM's Basic Principles

PVM's Five Phases

Using PVM with Your Development Process and Traditional Market Research




PVMsm Phase 1 - Stakeholder Research

The basis for creating a valuable product is a detailed understanding of what people will value. PVMsm Stakeholder Research not only provides that understanding but expresses it in an actionable specification used to both drive the creation of new product concepts and objectively measure their relative competitive advantage.  

Phase 1 Actions and Deliverables
 Action  Deliverable
Qualitative interviews with and observations of internal company and external stakeholders are summarized to create a knowledge base of the ways people will interact with the product. Detailed knowledge base of stakeholder interactions and explanstions of what makes those interactions valuable.
The knowledge base is then translated into measurable criteria used to benchmark competitive products or new product concepts. Detailed, measurable, and objective benchmarking criteria.

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