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PVM's Basic Principles

PVM's Five Phases

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PVMsm Phase 3 - Innovation Session

The Innovation Session is desiged to support design teams as they solve the major design challenges in the project. A good Innovation Session Challenge Question points out an area where significant breakthrough value is available for the firm if a creative solution can be found. 

Phase 3 Actions and Deliverables
 Action  Deliverable
During an intense, three-day off-site working session, the core team plus selected members of your staff are submerged in the wealth of detailed information we have learned so far. Sensitized team with a broad perspective on stakeholder values
The group is then led through an exercise that produces innovative solutions to the main design challenges. Solutions to value-leveraged product design challenge questions
 Armed with the best creative insights of the innovation team, each individual will then create his or her view of an ideal product concept, integrating not only those solutions, but everything they have learned so far. A number of initial product concepts are generated in preparation for Concept Development in Phase 4

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