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PVMsm Phase 5 - Concept Verification

Up until this point, the value of new design concepts has been scored by the design team. Before release, the final design's value and suggested level of competitive advantage must be confirmed by the stakeholders themselves. Although the design team has based its design and scores on direct stakeholder research, it has also creatively reintegrated that information into a completely new product. It is prudent to ensure the team has correctly interpreted their PVMsm research and that stakeholders will recognize the value of the final design.

Phase 5 Actions and Deliverables
 Action  Deliverable

When the design team decides it has achieved the desired level of competitive advantage (PVM Value Maps aid this decision), and the management team has selected and approved the design for final development and release, the design's value still needs to be confirmed directly with stakeholders.

The finalized design is presented to a group of external stakeholders (like customers or dealers), to directly verify that we have indeed translated their set of values into product form.

An objective cut-off point for the development efforts, based on PVM Value Map predictions of likely market performance
The stakeholders are led through a benchmarking session similar to that conducted by the design team, recording not only their scores, but their comments about any suggested changes to the new concept.

Stakeholder-verified benchmarking scores for the selected new concept

Stakeholder comments and suggested changes

After making any changes deemed necessary in response to stakeholder suggestions, the PVM Value Maps are re-plotted, showing this final score for the selected new product concept. PVM Value Maps which include the finalized version of the selected new product concept

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