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Using PVMsm With Your Development Process and Traditional Market Research

PVM Dovetails With Your Development Process
Many of you reading this have undoubtedly adopted a process of some sort. When you adopt PVMsm, you do not have to replace your development process. PVM dovetails with it.

Dr. Robert Cooper cites PVM in his book Product Leadership as one of the ways to improve the results of your product development process. PVM will provide you more and better information for making decisions at various phases of development.

PVM Dovetails With Traditional Market Research
Although we expect PVM to be quite sufficient for your front-end qualitative research and concept specification (including initial concept testing), it does not displace your work in pricing research, market segmentation and size research, target market research, promotional material testing, beta testing, back end satisfaction measurement, and so forth.

PVM will, however, feed those systems. For example, it will help your product management team thoroughly understand the motives of different market segments. And, by highlighting what consumers or market segments value, you will be better prepared to understand value-based pricing drivers (helping you avoid the cost plus trap).


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