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The Design Consortium provides two types of services. First, for those firms that wish to adopt PVMsm as an ongoing standard product development tool, the Design Consortium will train, coach and certify your staff. Second, for those firms that wish to use PVM to address a single product development project, the Design Consortium will manage and participate in your PVM project, working together with your staff.

For Companies Interested in Using PVM for Product Development

If you are planning a single critical development project:

If you want to adopt PVM as a standard tool for ongoing development:

  • We will train your key staff to independently manage and conduct PVM projects, using both classroom and on-the-job techniques
  • We will stay involved and provide your staff planning assistance at the start of project phases and quality control at the end of phases

For Solutions Providers

If you want to offer PVM as a differentiator, but not conduct PVM projects:

If you want to adopt PVM as a standard tool in your service portfolio:

  • We will train your key staff to independently manage and conduct PVM projects on behalf of your clients, using both classroom and on-the-job techniques
  • We will stay involved and provide your staff planning assistance at the start of project phases and quality control at the end of phases

Training Services

Training contracts for firms adopting PVM are typically one year in duration and re-negotiated annually. The second year's contract is usually smaller as our role shifts from initial staff training to coaching. There are no standard contract amounts - they are always set based on the individual situations of our clients. The level of our participation varies according to the number of projects to be addressed, staff to be trained, and development deadlines.

Training is primarily conducted "on the job" (oriented around specific development projects). We participate along with your staff on a PVM project, training them as we go. We do this for three reasons. First, time to market is important. You don't need any training time lags that stand in the way of getting immediate results from PVM. Second, we don't believe in simply handing your staff a book or a training presentation and then leaving. We have found that individuals and corporate cultures understand and adopt PVM Process best by working "hands on" in projects, while we are there to provide immediate advice and help. Third, your long term results will depend heavily on a successful initial application of the PVM Process. We believe that your first opportunity to gain results from PVM should be supported by the work of experienced PVM practitioners, not just the work of your "PVM rookies".

We will provide your staff a 100 page "PVM Practitioners Guide". This book explains in detail how to conduct each PVM phase, including how to plan a PVM project and many of the "tricks" we've learned over the past fifteen years. It is only offered to clients who contract for ongoing PVM Training Services. It is not sold directly, nor is it provided to clients who ask the Design Consortium to help conduct a single PVM project.

We will also use classroom training as appropriate. We will conduct short seminars where relevant to ongoing projects. This method lets your staff learn efficiently, without spending large blocks of non-productive time on topics not relevant to their immediate responsibilities.

Finally, we will coach your staff on an ongoing basis. We will help them plan their PVM projects, helping them outline a quality project plan that makes effective use of their budget. We will also audit their results at every step, providing them the feedback they need to continually improve their PVM skills. We will be available to answer questions whenever they occur, so your staff is never left by themselves without access to expert assistance.

Project Services

For firms that wish to apply PVM to a single project, the Design Consortium can provide two types of project services: collaborative design or turn-key development.

First, we can collaborate with your existing project team. We will plan and manage the PVM portion of your development project, together with your staff. You can view us as available assistant managers who just also happen to be experts in PVM. We will also perform a major part of the PVM work, in all phases except for Concept Development. During Concept Development, where your designers' or engineers' specific expertise (and ownership) is key, we will help them to efficiently explore and evaluate a variety of alternative product concepts to achieve maximum value. Where additional resources are needed, we can assemble a broader team composed of designers and engineers from a PVM licensed design consulting firm. 

Second, in some instances, the Design Consortium can assemble a complete project team to carry out turn-key development with only minimal involvement on the part of your staff. Our team will carry product development past concepts, through to completed prototypes and initial production parts. Your development project will be accomplished without the need to divert major staff resources or hire additional staff. 

Even where we take on a major role in conducting your PVM project, we request some involvement of your management and staff. Insights into your markets, products, technology, your company culture, along with enthusiastic ownership of the project's end results are all critical to the success of any project, no matter how great the design process. 

In all cases we will work from a detailed project plan that is produced with the input of your staff and subject to a phase by phase review and approval by your firm's management. The project plan will outline in detail the work to be performed and also define a budget of project team workdays for your firm's and Design Consortium's staff.


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